Access to Legal Assistance

We have streamlined processes during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist members access assistance.

Personal Injury Assistance

  • If you have suffered injury from COVID-19 due to your work, or in the tragic circumstances that you have lost someone in your family, who is a ULEMASA member, as a result of them contracting COVID-19 due to their work.
  • If you are seeking personal injury advice following a work accident/injury or having suffered from any other type of disease
  • If you need advice in relation to a non-work-related accident/injury suffered by you or your family.

If you’ve lost someone who is a ULEMASA member to COVID-19, please also see the factsheets:

A fact sheet  will be coming soon.

For all assistance with claims, call our dedicated Legal ULEMASA helpline  012 440 1231.

When you call please have your ULEMASA membership number to hand. You can find this at the bottom of any emails we’ve sent you.

Workplace Exposure COVID-19 Questionnaire

Complete the survey if you or your colleagues contracted COVID-19 as a result of your work

Your information is crucial. It will help us to campaign, improve health and safety, and give the best support and legal advice we can to our members.

Complete the survey

Employment Assistance

Issues related to your work and employment law assistance should in the first instance continue to be directed to your branch.

COVID-19 legal guidance

Furlough, Annual Leave, Sickness and Redundancies Q&A

Return to Work Q & A

Free wills

UNISON operates an initial free online wills service for members for standard wills and partners if drawing up a mirror will.

Access our free wills service

For all other legal queries

  • if our members want criminal law advice or to access our initial free legal advice scheme;
  • or if they/their families want legal help with complex wills and conveyancing

Call 012 440 1231. 

It is important to note our Legal Assistance is subject to terms and conditions, for further information on the scope of that scheme and eligibility please refer to our Legal Services Guide.

What cover do my family and I receive?

As a ULEMASA member, you receive free legal advice and assistance for:

  • Employment law (accessed via your ULEMASA branch or regional office)
  • Serious injury at work
  • Disease or illness
  • Basic will writing and reduced rates for more complex wills and conveyancing
  • Defending work related criminal allegations
  • Free initial legal advice on any non-work issue. This service entitles you to receive up to 30-minutes of telephone advice. This must relate to you personally and not a family member. The Union does not cover general financial advice.

UNISON members’ families are covered for:

  • Personal injury – away from work, on holiday or on the roads
  • Reduced rates for wills and conveyancing

And if you or a loved one think you have been injured as the result of clinical negligence, we can support you with free initial advice from ULEMASA’s lawyers.

Exclusions and qualifying periods apply

When you’re covered

A member must have joined at least four weeks before the incident or occurrence that leads them to seek that assistance. Subscription payments must be up to date. You must continue to be a ULEMASA member while your case is ongoing.

It is important that you contact the union
 as soon as possible as legal rights often have time limits. For example, a claim for unfair dismissal must be lodged within three months (less one day) of the date of dismissal.

All legal support is granted at the discretion of the union’s national executive council.